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Benefits of Being a Loyal Customer

All natural weight loss and management from It Works! These products are amazing and once you start using them you love the results you are seeing. BUT - they, like all other health products, do not come cheap. True, they are probably less expensive than many other products on the market but they are still costly and especially if you are using them for a few months (which you will be.)

So, let's go over a scenerio to show you why being an It Works! Loyal Customer makes sense. It saves you money by giving you a 40% discount rate, gives you reward points and free shipping (US only for now.)

How to Become an It Works! Loyal Customer

The first way is to buy a membership for $50. If you do this you do not have to commit to any buying plans. But - your $50 COULD be going to products instead. So let's look at the option most customers go with.

The 3 month order commitment. Basically, you pay no membership fee and agree to buy It Works! products for 3 months. After which you can cancel your auto-shipments but you are STILL a Loyal Customer and getting products at discount when you do buy.

Most people will use the products for at least a few months to get the body they are achieving to get.

Many continue on with the health supplements for energy & motivation. For myself, for example, I am wanting to work on a few areas of concern - My Stomach, My Thighs, My Butt, My Neck/Chin, My Arms and perhaps a couple of facials for toning.

Each box of wraps has 4 applications in it. So basically a box of wraps can give you, say two applications for your stomach and maybe two for the buttocks. Then use your defining gel on your thighs etc. You can see how you will need a few boxes of wraps to get those target areas a couple of times. 

Let's do an example. Month 1 - you want to try the Body Wrap and defining gel pack (You get a box of 4 wraps and a sample size of the defining gel). Awesome! The regular price is $115. So if you buy it off the website you still pay shipping, let's say $15. So you are going to pay $130 as a retail customer.

But - if you are a Loyal Customer, your price for the Wrap Pack is $69. Pay $15 for shipping and your total is $84 for a Loyal Customer.  You are saving $46 by being a Loyal Customer.

Month 2 - You want another Wrap Pack so you pay another $130.As a Loyal Customer you'd only pay the $84.

Now at this point, maybe you are feeling pretty good and don't feel you need any more wraps at this it can be any value. So maybe you get something like Preventage or Lip & Eye Serum, priced at $29 for Loyal Customers plus $15 shipping (total of $44).
point.  If you are a Loyal Customer you need to still put in one more order and at this point, after your 3 months, you can cancel your auto-ship. Anytime you want you can still order and get your items at a discounted price. If you do continue your auto-shipments (US only for now) you can get free shipping on them. After you cancel your auto-shipment you have 30 days to use up your reward points, so use those up on some extra wraps.

So let's total up the cost of buying the products at retail or signing up and buying as a Loyal Customer:

Retail Customer: $130 + $130 = $260.
Loyal Customer: $84 + $84 + $44 = $212.

You have saved $48 by being a Loyal Customer PLUS you have earned reward points PLUS you will get any future purchases at the discounted prices! Makes sense doesn't it?

There's more! All new Loyal Customers get a website with a specific URL. By sharing your URL with others on social media you get an extra 10 reward points. AND, if anyone signs up via your URL within your first 30 days, you can either have a FREE box of wraps OR 35 extra reward points!

How to Sign Up as an It Works! Loyal Customer

It's quite simple! You can visit the site here for details. You can enroll right away or click on the SHOP tab and begin shopping to see what item(s) you may want and their prices. You can change your autoshipment right up until the day before it ships which means you can add on or change it completely!

Difference Between an It Works! Loyal Customer and Distributor

  • Distributors can sell the products, Loyal Customers can not.
  •  Loyal Customers get perk points, Distributors do not. 
  • Distributors make money from their sales and can build a team, Loyal Customers can not. 
  • Both Loyal Customers and Distributors get the same pricing, so it just boils down to whether or not you want to make money from the products or just use them for personal use. 
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